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MH 24X

MH 24X - Receiving hoppers up to 28 m³.

The driving force for your storage process
The Miedema receiving hoppers form the basis for reliable storage. The receiving hopper serves as a buffer and provides the cleaning and, if desired, sorting of your product. Our receiving hoppers are your guarantee for product-friendliness, capacity and versatility. And most importantly: The operating costs always remain pleasantly low. Additionally, due to the various machine options, the machines of the MH series have been developed for exacting users.

Easy to operate
The control panel of the MH series receiving hoppers by Dewulf utilise pictograms, as a result of which they are very easy to operate. The wired remote control included as standard increases this degree of comfort even further. Moreover, all machines are equipped with Start-Control. The useful, automated MH-Control capacity regulation with two sensors and four stop programs additionally makes the work even more enjoyable.

Heavy-duty and product-friendly
The MH series excels in regard to robustness. The special support on the intake end prevents the sagging of the bunker floor, as a result of which the use of large trailers does not pose a problem. The heavy-duty, especially hardened bunker chain guarantees a maximum service life with a minimum degree of maintenance. The product-friendly bunker floor has an excellent carrying effect.

Built-in cleaning and sorting by product size
In regard to our receiving hoppers, you can choose to clean and/or sort downstream of the receiving hopper or to place this function in a receiving hopper. The gap width and the position of a roller unit can be set accurately. You can equip the standard product range with up to two roller units according to your wishes. You can achieve the desired degree of cleaning with the cleaning rollers. With the sorting rollers, you can separate your product according to size and in this manner add an additional value to your product.

Tailor-made solution? No problem
The MH series is highly suited as a combination machine, the MHC (Combi). An MHC receiving hopper is a combination made according to a customer’s wishes for the reception, buffering, cleaning, sorting, inspecting and transporting. Because all machine parts are positioned on a single chassis, all mutual settings are maintained. In this manner, you can easily achieve the maximum capacity and optimal product-friendliness. Dewulf can offer a tailor-made solution for the storage needs of any customer.

The right variant for you
The MH 24X receiving hopper additionally has 3 variants in order to optimally meet your capacity requirements.