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P3CL Profi

P3CL Profi - Mounted 1-row top lifting harvester with hydraulic box lift

Compact, high-performance box filler
The P3CL Profi is a mounted 1-row top lifting harvester with hydraulic box lift. This makes the harvester ideally suited for unloading directly into boxes. The hydraulic box lift makes it incredibly easy to switch boxes. The accompanying support roller of the top lifting harvester is easily retractable, reducing the road transport width to just 3264 mm. With an optional sorting platform, you can inspect the product if desired. The keypad allows you to operate the cross conveyor, the lift system and the hydraulic fall breaker.

The heart of a Dewulf top lifting harvester
The top lifting harvesters produced by Dewulf are made with high-quality, wear-resistant standard components. The bearings of each cutters set is hermetically sealed using ‘Labyrinth Sealing’. This provides the highest degree of durability available on the market. Each cutters set is driven by a maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’: two heavy-duty pinions ensure perfect synchronization of the knives.

Working with pleasure means working faster
The intuitive operating console makes working with a mounted top lifting harvester from Dewulf particularly enjoyable. The console was specially designed to enable the user to harvest a perfect product with a minimum of operations. Pictograms make it easy to see which function is available and ready for use. The operating console communicates via CANBUS for the Profi models.

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