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OCMIS Pivot Range

OCMIS Pivot Range is of new conception and last generation. Thanks to the continuous investments in Research and Development Ocmis guarantees products of high quality and elevated efficiency. Other distinctive elements are the big available range, the sturdiness, the reliability and finally the technology. The whole Range Pivot Ocmis is available with the new program Digital Irrigation 4.0 that allows the integrated control, from remote, of all the irrigations systems in the field; and in relationship to the requirements of the field itself.

The “back-and-forth” front linear allow the optimal irrigation of rectangular plots. A guidance system through a furrow or a steel cable ensures the extremely precise straight operation thanks to the i-CAN system.

The carts are supplied in version with supply through a pipe with great traction capacity while channel versions are genuine built-in pumping stations provided with a mixed unit and a float intake system with selfcleaning filters unique on the market.

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